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Chica Plush - 12 Inches

Chica Plush - 12 Inches

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From wakeup to wind down, Chica is ready to add a little sunshine to any child's day. This high-quality plush has a rounded body and head, soft beak, and soothing soft fur, including an extra soft patch of fur on her belly, making Chica the perfect nap companion. Squeeze her tummy and Chica squeaks -- just like on TV! At 12-inches, Chica is ideally sized for preschoolers to carry along on their daily adventures or to use for pretend play. Her plush legs fold at the hip, so she can sit close by on a table, dresser or shelf. Chica provides an interactive, playful experience that encourages imagination and unstructured play. Chica is easy to clean! Simply use a damp, soapy cloth and fluff dry. Safe for children of all ages.

  • 12-inches

  • Safe for children of all ages

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